Aiming to create one of the fastest growing economies in the UK

Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership is providing a strategic lead on all activities contributing to the county’s economic growth.

Working with our partners, we are investing over £60 million in the Cumbrian economy to stimulate economic growth.

Our pipeline of projects and significant investment packages are creating and safeguarding thousands of jobs, providing modern new business space and levering in millions of pounds of additional private sector investment.

Cumbria LEP is also working with businesses and the public and voluntary and community sectors to develop the county’s new Local Industrial Strategy which will highlight Cumbria’s strengths and make a compelling case to Government and the private sector for investment up to 2030.

The LEP is also helping to administer funding from the European Structural Investment Funds (ESIF) programme to boost business growth, enterprise and skills development up to 2020.

Cumbria has been the fourth fastest growth area in the UK over the last decade, and £25 billion of new investment is planned here over the next 15 years.

Cumbria LEP aims to accelerate economic growth for the county which is making an increasingly important contribution to the prosperity, security and wellbeing of the UK. The county’s nationally significant assets, including new nuclear and renewable energy projects, can help to power the future economy.

Business Space and Conference Facilities

If you're looking for a venue to host meetings, hold conferences, rent office space or take advantage of hot desking facilities, our headquarters are an ideal location.

Cumbria Local Industrial Strategy

Cumbria LEP is finalising work on its Local Industrial Strategy, in consultation with Government. The LIS will decide the county’s economic priorities through to 2030, highlight Cumbria’s strengths and make a compelling case to Government and the private sector for investment.

Cumbria Infrastructure Plan

Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership has launched a far-reaching plan to improve the county’s infrastructure and help accelerate economic growth.

Moving forward in 2019 - Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership