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Young People: Careers in Cumbria

Dream jobs with world-leading brands, right here in Cumbria

From Advanced Manufacturing, to Health and Social Care, Fashion, Food and Drink, Logistics, Construction, Law, Nuclear, Hospitality, Agriculture, Finance and everything else in between, this webpage will give you fresh insight into the many great career, training and apprenticeship opportunities available in Cumbria.

Whatever you decide to do after leaving school or graduating, make sure you explore all of the exciting careers in Cumbria.

You are Our Future #CareersInCumbria


Building Cumbria's Talent - A love of science at school prompted Sammy to consider a high-powered career in Cumbria. Now she's training to be a nuclear engineer, building and delivering nuclear submarines for the Royal Navy. (Photo of Sammy, nuclear degree apprentice).

Building Cumbria's Talent - Home is where the art is for media man Adam, who had the vision to launch his own video production company in Cumbria. Several awards later, he's proved that screen stars don't just operate in front of the camera. They can be behind it too. (Photo of Adam, video production director).

Building Cumbria's Talent - West Cumbrian Jade loves being busy and relishes a challenge. That's why she chose a career in Cumbria's thriving advanced manufacturing industry - and ended up being nominated for a major award as Engineering Apprentice of the Year: Rising Star. (Photo of Jade, instrumentation apprentice).

Building Cumbria's Talent - The Carlisle office of a commercial law firm landed quite a catch when it hooked up trainee solicitor Harry. A top performer at University, Harry was lured due to Cumbria's wealth of agribusinesses and the chance to provide legal advice to a wide variety of sectors - as well as its peerless fishing offer. (Photo of Harry, trainee solicitor).

Building Cumbria's Talent - Cumbria's long and winding roads have helped Katherine plot a course for career success - as a Transport and Logistics Operations Apprentice for a key player in the world of decommissioning and waste management. (Photo of Katherine, logistics apprentice).

Building Cumbria's Talent - Local lad Matthew became manager of a 2,000-acre farm aged 21, improving his flock ten-fold and becoming an acclaimed sheep judge. With numerous honours of his own, the top spot at the Northern Farmer Annual Awards is now in his sights. (Photo of Matthew, farm manager).

Building Cumbria's Talent - Manufacturing Capability Specialist Ella has the best of both worlds working for a global company in Cumbria - the quality of life in her home county and easy access to the north's great cities when she wants to change gear. (Photo of Ella, manufacturing capability specialist).

Building Cumbria's Talent - Emily nurses a passion for helping people and a love for the great outdoors. That's why she thinks Cumbria is the ideal place to hit the heights in and out of work as a trainee nurse and keen runner. (Photo of Emily, apprentice nursing associate).

Building Cumbria's Talent - Culinary Academy Chef Jamie from Ulverston has found the recipe for the perfect career choice. Training alongside some of the top chefs in the country - and in some of Cumbria's top hotels - he's found the ingredients for success in the region's thriving hospitality business. (Photo of Jamie, academy chef apprentice).

Local jobs, big business

Health & Social Care

Health & Social Care

Are you looking for a career that will make a real difference to the lives of others? The Health and Social Care sector is one with lots of exciting and varied opportunities. It involves a wide range of careers from treating people who are ill, helping people to improve their physical or mental health, through to providing support for vulnerable people typically in the community so they have an improved way of life.

Careers include well known ones like doctor or nurse, but what about community support and outreach workers, social worker or activities coordinator? A career in this sector often gives the chance for people to specialise, step up the career ladder and work in different settings. One to explore and consider!

Advanced Manufacturing

Like making things? Advanced manufacturing is the process of mass producing products on demand from raw materials or component parts using the latest technologies to maintain efficiency. In Cumbria, many of our manufacturing businesses use cutting edge technology including artificial intelligence and robotics, where innovation is at the heart of what they do. There are so many options, such as product and development engineers through to roles in maintenance, research and software development.

With manufacturing being the largest employment sector in Cumbria’s economy, take time to look at the opportunities here that can enable you to apply your love of technology to modern machinery, products and designs.

Advanced Manufacturing

Clean Energy

Clean Energy

Passionate about climate change and the need to reduce our carbon footprint? A career in this field can include areas such as conserving energy, developing new ways of generating energy, reducing pollution or recycling. As we become more aware of the need to become carbon neutral and reduce the impact on the environment, jobs in this sector will be on the increase.

Jobs are wide ranging from geologists, site and project managers, nuclear and wind engineers through to pipe fitters and marine environmentalists. Cumbria plays an important role in Clean Energy, with world class facilities and jobs right here on your doorstep. If you have a love for science and engineering and would like to work in this field, why would you look anywhere else?


Are you interested in how our countryside, cities and communities look and function? Cumbria has a large number of employers designing and creating buildings that are smart, sustainable and energy efficient as well as those developing large scale infrastructure projects. There are a wealth of opportunities open to you now and they’ll continually evolve in the future.

There are so many different and diverse jobs, trades and careers in this sector, such as bricklayers, plumbers and electricians, project managers, civil engineers, quantity surveyors, and many more. So why not see if any of these careers are for you? Build your career right here in Cumbria.


Visitor Economy

Tourism & Visitor Economy

Tourism is at the heart of Cumbria’s economy, attracting over 47 million visitors each year, who visit to experience the many fantastic places of interest it’s famous for. Career opportunities are wide ranging, from hospitality to retail, culture to transportation. There’s a great opportunity if you like the idea of meeting new people and delivering excellent customer service, as well as fantastic career opportunities in management, and professional roles such as a chef, venue or events manager, through to roles in improving the economy of local areas. Cumbria really is the place to be!

Professional Services

Does the idea of becoming an expert and helping clients manage, support and grow their businesses appeal to you? Careers in professional services cover a wide array of areas including finance, law, IT and teaching. Jobs include accountancy, human resources, IT technician, teaching, network architects, as well as solicitor, barrister, legal secretary and court reporter.

At the core of professional services is the expertise of their people, so a lot of emphasis is put on personal and professional development. A career in in this sector offers lots of flexibility and opportunities to work in many contexts and across sectors.

Professional Services

Transport and Logistics

Transport and Logistics

Ever wondered about how those parcels arrive at your door? Transport and Logistics is all about moving things, storing things and supplying things; from people and animals to goods and services, across all four corners of the world. Opportunities in Cumbria span road, sea, rail and air.

Careers in this sector often require people with skills in management and planning. Jobs in this sector include HGV, van and train drivers, warehouse and forklift operatives, supply chain, transport and logistics managers and port operatives. Want to be part of the driving force behind the sector that makes the world go round?

Creative and Cultural

Thinking about a career that allows you to use your imagination and creativity? Our future economy will be built on creativity and technology. From animation to architecture, carpenters to caterers, publishers to producers, marketing managers to education managers, the possibilities are endless. Cumbria is unique and has a rich heritage and this tremendous background has helped drive a thriving creative sector. If you are passionate about all things creative and cultural, check out opportunities in Cumbria.

Creative and Cultural

Rural Economy

Rural Economy

Ever wondered about what the rural economy is and what jobs there are in the sector? The rural economy provides essential benefits for us all, including food production, flood protection, clean air and water and a rich and varied ecosystem supporting wildlife. Jobs in this sector are broad, from working directly on the land in farming and forestry through to those involved in strategy and land use management, agricultural economic modelling and jobs in the agri-tec industry. So if you are interested in sustainability, the environment and natural capital, then there’s bound to be opportunities for you here in Cumbria.

Make a start

If you are at school or college thinking about your future:

The world of work is exciting. Opportunities here in Cumbria, and elsewhere, are endless and we understand that sometimes it can be overwhelming.

  • There are plenty of people you can talk to who can help you to make sense of it all. Speak to your teachers or careers advisers
  • Parents, carers, friends and relatives are also a great source of support and can provide you with ideas
  • Do some research by looking at some of the useful websites we’ve provided links to below - they can provide so many ideas and lots of information to help you
  • Don’t forget the National Careers Service offer a free advice service that you can use

Not sure what to talk about? Here’s a few ideas:

  • Talk about the jobs you see other people doing
  • Think about someone you know or admire, or someone you’ve seen on television or in magazines
  • What about types of jobs might be relevant to your interests, skills or aspirations?

Unemployed and under 18:

Sometimes it can take time to find a job or training option that works for you and you might be dealing with things that are getting in the way of you moving forward. If you are unemployed and wanting some help, making contact with your local Inspira team is a great place to start. They are able to offer advice and guidance and much more.

Visit the Inspira website for further information.

Other things you can do include contacting your local college and exploring opportunities with other training providers.

Graduate looking for work here in Cumbria:

If you are a graduate and looking for a career in Cumbria then here are a few things you can do to get started:

  • Research the sector you want to work in. If you don’t know what to do, look at Targetjobs and Prospects websites for starters
  • Social media is a good place to connect – many businesses use LinkedIn. You can learn about employers through their posts and make yourself known by getting in touch with the ones you’re interested in working for
  • Local papers and websites are also a good place to learn about local businesses Remember to register on job sites that are popular in the county and register with any appropriate recruitment agencies

Other things you can do:

Shaking down your CV will help you feel positive about what you have to offer. There’s lots of advice online on how to write a fantastic CV.

Check out your university’s careers service as most offer free services to their graduates by Skype and/or phone

PLUS look at the University of Cumbria’s website. It has lots of information on its website and a careers hub with job vacancies and events free to all recent graduates whether they studied at Cumbria or not

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