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Business Decarbonisation

CLEP’s Business Decarbonisation 10 Point Plan was produced following engagement with business leaders and interaction with CLEP’s Business Hub. The key focus of each of the 10 points of the Plan are outlined below:

  1. 1.Business Decarbonisation Leadership

    The strategic importance of business governance body to provide visible leadership on this agenda, to sit alongside the Clean Energy Sector Panel.
  2. 2.Assess, Map and Track

    Develop a Cumbria-level performance management framework that provides an accurate baseline, tracks progress and provides comparison with other areas to assess progress.
  3. 3.Energy Intensive Industries

    Work with our bigger companies to support large scale decarbonisation.
  4. 4.Decarbonisation System Navigator

    Provide clear guidance and “horizon scanning” for companies through the wealth of information and initiatives available.
  5. 5.Business to Business Support

    Sharing best practice and case studies from our diverse range of businesses to work together for decarbonisation.
  6. 6.Establishing Funding Routes

    Provide awareness and guidance for government funding initiatives and other potential investment opportunities.
  7. 7.Decarbonisation Events Programme

    Implement a programme of workshops of decarbonisation, including assessing footprint, calculating return on investment, exploring appropriate technologies and securing investment.
  8. 8.Accreditation and Training

    Provide advice for decarbonisation training programmes and benchmarking accreditation schemes.
  9. 9.Facilitate the First Steps

    Promote the common energy efficiency schemes all businesses can apply.
  10. 10.Promote the Successes and Address the Challenges

    Provide wide stakeholder awareness of our successes and address the particular challenges for Cumbria.

Cumbria Energy Intensive Industries

Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership have completed a review of our Energy Intensive Industries which comprise many of our biggest employers that deliver a major contribution to the Cumbria economy with internationally recognised businesses.

The review highlights how our companies are taking very proactive approaches to net zero as well as identifying significant opportunities for industrial decarbonisation that the LEP will champion.

Download: Business Decarbonisation: A Review Of Cumbria Energy Intensive Industries (PDF, 1.3MB)

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