Higher Level Skills

Raising higher level skills attainment.

As the economic and employment environment changes and constantly evolves, Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership is looking closely at how the county responds both now and in the future to ever increasing business demand for higher level skills in key industries, especially nuclear, energy and advanced manufacturing.

There is a specific need for higher proportions of the Cumbrian working age population to be qualified to Levels 3, 4 and above. Current projections show that the county has too few people with advanced and higher level skills compared with the proportion of employment opportunities that will exist at these levels.

So Cumbria LEP is working collaboratively with employer and training providers to grow the advanced and higher level skills base through a combination of activities designed to improve the county’s capability to respond to the significant increase in demand for skills at these levels.

That means encouraging greater take up of higher level qualifications, as well as analysing current training and skills provision and developing the curriculum to offer wider, higher level choices and access.

It also means showing graduates, especially those with the skills needed to develop STEM related careers, that there are a range of career opportunities available to them in Cumbria.

Another key objective is to look at the county’s strengths in science, research and innovation and see how they can be exploited with more specific skills development.

  • Accelerating take-up of higher and degree apprenticeships and other employer-led higher level provision.
  • Providing a curriculum to support individuals’ learning choices at Levels 3, 4 and above.
  • Raising awareness of opportunities available for ambitious and aspirational graduates.
  • Establishing a consortium to lead an audit to identify strengths and opportunities in the research, science and innovation skills system.