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Cumbria Careers Hub: Emma Lindsay, Recruitment Manager at NXT Recruitment Ltd.

Cumbria Careers Hub: Emma Lindsay, Recruitment Manager at NXT Recruitment Ltd. Emma Lindsay, Recruitment Manager at NXT Recruitment LTD

Emma Lindsay, Recruitment Manager at NXT Recruitment LTD., is an Enterprise Adviser at Trinity School. In this Q&A she shares her career story and what she finds most rewarding about volunteering with Cumbria Careers Hub as an Enterprise Adviser.

Tell us about your day job… what does it involve?
I work on behalf of some of the most dynamic and innovative businesses in the region and help them to grow by recruiting the very best talent for them! I cover all sectors and at all levels, so it’s very diverse and exciting.

What is the best thing about your job?
Getting to meet such a wide scope of people from different backgrounds and with different life experience. I find it as equally rewarding helping someone to secure their dream job, as I do knowing that a business is going to go from strength to strength because of the candidate I have recruited or the recruitment plan we have implemented.

Tell us about your education and career history…
I left school in 2003, unaware of the amazing career opportunities that were right on my doorstep and what could have been available to me at the time, if I had been given the right guidance. I quickly developed a love of sales and customer service and I was appointed my first retail management role at just 18. My career in retail management progressed rapidly and I was headhunted (I am now the headhunter!) to work for Topshop Topman in 2011. I had a very successful and fun time as a TSTM Brand Manager, before deciding that it was time to “grow up” and moved on in 2015. I have been with NXT Recruitment now for over 5 years and it is the best moved I could have made. I couldn’t think of an industry that would suit my skill set and personality more!

If you could pick any person or organisation to get involved in working with young people, who would it be and why?
I think all businesses should think about the impact they are having on young people, whether directly or indirectly. Organisations should be doing as much as they can to invest in local young people because they are the future of their business, be it as an employee or a future customer.

What do you enjoy most about being an Enterprise Adviser?
The opportunity to really make a difference to young people in our region. You never quite know the impact you are having and who you could potentially influence.

What would you say to someone else about the value of working with young people or being an Enterprise Adviser?
It’s rewarding knowing that you’re making a difference and you get to meet lots of like-minded professionals, enhance your own skills and grow your network too!

What would you say to any young person thinking about their future?
You don’t need to know what you want to do in the future right now, but please apply yourself to the opportunities being given to you right now. Use your Career Leader and EA to their full potential; if you have questions about specific industries of career paths then ask them and make them aware of what interests you, so that they can tailor the careers curriculum accordingly and make learning as fun and as exciting as it should be.

Cumbria Careers Hub offers a range of opportunities in Cumbria for businesses and organisations to engage and benefit from partnership with local schools and colleges. Together, they aim to ensure all young Cumbrians are inspired and prepared for the world of work. If you would like to become an Enterprise Advisor, like Emma, or would like more information, please e-mail Careers Hub Manager, Cath Dutton:

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