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England's Natural Capital of Creativity and Culture – Strategy Launch

England's Natural Capital of Creativity and Culture – Strategy Launch Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band: Lakes Alive

As the Government announces a £1.57bn investment to protect Britain’s cultural, arts and heritage institutions from the impact of COVID-19, Cumbria LEP’s Creative and Cultural Sector Panel, in conjunction with Cumbria County Council, has published a strategy to develop the Cultural and Creative Sector in the County.

The Creative and Cultural Strategy, has been developed by the Creative and Cultural Sector Panel, following significant consultation with a wide a range of businesses and organisations in the creative industries and art and cultural sector. The strategy promotes Cumbria as ‘England’s Natural Capital of Culture and Creativity’ based on a thriving creative and cultural offer in an amazing landscape.

It has been designed to promote and develop the existing exceptional arts and cultural offer and to encourage further growth in the creative industries. The strategy has been developed in consultation with all partners and has widespread support in its ambition and strategic priorities.

The full Creative and Cultural Strategy is available at:

The importance of creativity and culture to Cumbria’s future economic growth is fully recognised based on the transformative power that it plays in place making, place shaping and wellbeing. In the current climate this is especially important.

The strategy highlights that Cumbria is committed to encouraging more people to come to live, work and invest here, and that in order to do this it is essential that there are great things to do that genuinely enhance everybody’s quality of life, and that these are inclusive and accessible to all.

The need to make sure that Cumbria’s Creative and Cultural offer continually evolves and grows is recognised, so that the county remains attractive to younger people and encourages them to live, work and stay in Cumbria.

Colin Glover, Chair of Cumbria LEP’s Creative and Cultural Sector Panel, said: “Cumbria takes seriously its creative and cultural offer and is committed to its continuous development, enabling its further growth and promoting our unique offer widely. Now more than ever a clear roadmap forward is critical for ensuring creativity and culture remains at the heart of our communities in the County.

“The Sector has come together through the Cumbria LEP’s Creative and Cultural Sector Panel to develop a strategy to deliver on these priorities and ensure that Cumbria has something for everybody. We would like to thank everyone who has shared their views with us in developing the strategy.

“I am proud of the commitment that the Sector has demonstrated to its continued growth and look forward to taking forward our collective ambition and making sure that Cumbria really is the ‘Natural Capital of Creativity and Culture’.”

Miriam Randall, Chief Executive at Brewery Arts Centre, said: “This strategy marks a bold and ambitious chapter for Cumbria’s cultural and creative industries, supporting and guiding a network of well-established arts organisations to work across sectors to build new opportunities for creative skills and engagement, including digital innovation.”

Richard Elder, Director at Rosehill Theatre, said: “The different arts and cultural organisations, places and individuals form such an important part of Cumbria in so many ways. Rosehill is proud to partner with many of these, producing great work together, and this strategy is a welcome development.”

Michael McGregor, Director at The Wordsworth Trust, said: “It's been fantastic to see the creative and cultural sector in Cumbria working together to create a shared vision, and great that Cumbria LEP has taken a lead in recognising the importance of the sector to the economic vitality of the county.”

The publication of the strategy comes as the Government announces that Britain’s cultural, arts and heritage institutions will receive a £1.57 billion rescue package to help weather the impact of COVID-19.

Organisations across a range of sectors including the performing arts and theatres, heritage, historic palaces, museums, galleries, live music and independent cinema will be able to access emergency grants and loans.

More information on this support package can be found here:

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