Cumbria and the people who live and work here.

Cumbria is the second largest county in the UK and has a population of just under 500,000 people. Nearly 80% of its working age population is in employment or contributing to the county’s economic activity.

From larger multinational employers through to growing SMEs, the county is home to over 23,000 active businesses and enterprises. Just over half are classified as companies, with the rest made up primarily of partnerships and self-employed sole proprietors and traders.

That business stock is extremely diverse, consisting mainly of micro businesses and supply chain companies which work in tandem with more than 50 major employers, including several international brands.

Cumbria’s workforce of 235,000 is employed across a range of industries, with over 16% working in manufacturing and just over 14% in accommodation and food services. The county’s expertise in the nuclear sector also provides an important source of employment, alongside traditional industries such as agriculture, forestry & fishing. The county includes nearly 3,000 square kilometres of National Park land.

The proportion of young Cumbrian people in apprenticeships is currently higher than in the North West and nationally.

For more detailed information about the county go to Cumbria Intelligence Observatory.

  • Population 498,000
  • Rural & Visitor economy 45 million visitors per year
  • GVA / economic output £11 billion
  • Business stock 23,755
  • Workforce 240,000
  • Average full time salary £31,400

*Information accurate from available statistics as at October 2017.