Helping Young People

Investing in Cumbria’s future workforce.

Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership is acting as a link with employers to help analyse future skills needs to ensure more local people can gain the right qualifications to remain in Cumbria to work.

This activity is designed not only to help local young people to attain appropriate skills levels to build a career locally, but also to ensure that the county’s skills provision and training facilities meet the emerging and changing needs of employers in the county.

Cumbria LEP’s role includes working to develop a ‘16-19 entitlement’ commitment which stipulates the range of post-16 choices to which young people in the county will have access. It is also looking at mechanisms to support small businesses in taking on and retaining apprentices, as well as more effective communications and marketing efforts to address outdated and inaccurate perceptions of apprenticeships.

A good example of this work is through the Department for Education’s new ‘Fire it Up’ campaign to help raise awareness of the huge variety of apprenticeship options available for people of all ages and backgrounds. For further information about the campaign, click here. 

As part of the proposed new build nuclear power station at Moorside, which could be the biggest in Europe, the LEP wants to put an agreement in place with the lead developer stipulating the number of apprenticeship and work experience places that will be available to local residents. That could involve expanding training opportunities in civil engineering, construction, nuclear operations, including relevant skills support for local supply chains.

Another key objective is to accelerate and increase take-up of higher level and degree level apprenticeships, and improved county-wide careers and enterprise co-ordination will build on best practice and strengthen links between industry and the skills system.

  • Ensure all people aged 16-19 in Cumbria are entitled to an appropriate range of post-compulsory education choices.
  • Increase the number of apprenticeships in Cumbria by 20% by 2020.
  • Help deliver a coherent and complementary careers advice and enterprise education offer in all areas.