Janett Walker
Chair Of Anti Racist Cumbria

Janett Walker has been Chair of Anti Racist Cumbria from its inception in July 2020. A founding member Janett has overseen the growth of the organisation from an online group of activists to a strategic and influential anti-racist body whose mission to make Cumbria the UK’s first actively anti-racist county is already changing things for the better.

Janett has never been afraid of change and has continually taken bold steps both personally and professionally. Her career path began as an overseas youth worker, before returning to university for her second degree where she graduated top of her class, becoming a successful employment law solicitor for fifteen years in both London and the Lakes. Despite her professional success racism continued to mark Janett’s career and personal life and as the glass ceiling loomed Janett took yet another bold step and left the law to co-found her own unconventional events and PR business Flock, which is recognised as one of Cumbria’s most ethical and dynamic creative companies.

Janett made Cumbria her forever home in 2007, and it is here where Janett has seen the stark contrast between the county’s natural beauty and its ugly racism. Her dream is to see the global anti-racism movement affect real change everywhere racism still exists, including Cumbria.