Government Contracts Finder

26 August 2019

Selling to government and the public sector

The government and the wider public sector buy a huge range of goods and services. It’s not just the big-ticket items such as building prisons or buying aircraft carriers. You will find opportunities ranging from gardening services through to specialist scientific equipment used in the nuclear industry.

These business opportunities are advertised on Contracts Finder. This is the Government’s single online portal, where contracts valued over £10,000 in central government and over £25,000 in local government, the blue light services, and the NHS, are all listed. In addition, major government contractors are using Contracts Finder to advertise sub-contracts in their supply chains.

It’s free to use and you can register and search thousands of contracting opportunities.

Simply go to, or take a look at this handy document which outlines the key features of the service.

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