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Cumbria Careers Hub: Kathryn Jackson, Personal Development Coach at Kathryn Jackson Coaching

Kathryn Jackson, Kathryn Jackson Coaching Kathryn Jackson

Kathryn Jackson, Founder and Personal Development Coach at Kathryn Jackson Coaching, is an Enterprise Adviser at Energy Coast University Technical College. Here, she shares her career story and what she finds most rewarding about volunteering with Cumbria Careers Hub as an Enterprise Adviser.


Tell us about your day job… what does it involve? 

As a personal development coach, which is the best job ever, I support people “to be the best they can be”.  This involves spending time with individuals and teams, creating a “safe space” for them to reflect and create new ideas and pathways to enable them to achieve their dreams and goals. 

Whilst coaching my clients, I have the privilege in seeing people unlock their potential and achieve things they thought may not be possible, such as a new job, making life decisions, overcoming difficult situations and maybe gaining confidence. 

Most of my day is spent with my clients, although it is also important that I spend time on myself to ensure I am in the right mindset to maximise each client’s session.  To do this I make sure I spend some time reflecting on my work, taking a walk in the fresh air, doing some exercise and reading to maintain my continued professional development in the coaching industry. 


What is the best thing about your job?

There is no doubt whatsoever that the best part of my job is seeing my clients realise their potential, change their mind-set and achieve their goals. My input is independent and non-judgemental, which provides the safe space they need.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

Well, I can definitely say coaching was not on my job list when I was younger and in fact it wasn’t something I had considered until more recently when I realised that my past career had a golden thread throughout it and that was “to work with people and support them” in some way.  I did however consider being a speech therapist when I was 15 years old!


Tell us about your education and career history…

Other than at school, where I did OK but was never one of those kids that was good or confident at exams or qualifications, I didn’t go onto further education as all I wanted to do was go out and work. 

Throughout my career I did the bare minimum in terms of taking qualifications as I had low confidence in myself to achieve this, although I did formally train in the fitness industry and had a good career in the recruitment world where I set up my own agency.

In more recent years, I found my passion and purpose in the world of coaching and started to formalise my knowledge and qualifications which I don’t see stopping any time soon.


Who is your role model and why?

I never find this a particularly easy question to answer as it really depends on what I am considering at the time.  In line with my personal values, my grandparents were always people I looked up to for different reasons and who taught me a lot in who I am now.  In regards to more work-related role models, I often see different things in different people that inspire me, such as the way they conduct themselves, or maybe the way they treat other people or perhaps achieving something challenging so I enjoy the mix of role models which changes as I develop too.


If you could pick anyone to Give an Hour to young people, who would it be and why?

Without hesitation this would be my husband, Alan, who has a very successful career in Programme Management. He is a very driven person, with a massive desire to deliver every day and has for this reason built a good reputation.  He has a great skill at developing those that work around him whilst having a great rapport with everyone he comes in contact with and for that reason he’d teach our future leaders a great deal.


What do you enjoy most about being an Enterprise Adviser? 

The time I give back to my local community is important to me and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing my skills as a coach “enable” students and teachers.


What would you say to someone else about the value of Give an Hour or being an Enterprise Adviser?

I would ask anyone to take a moment to reflect on their skills and knowledge and how much they could bring to either of these opportunities.  It is widely known that doing something for other people makes us feel good and in the world we live in now, feeling good about yourself and happy for supporting others is key in maintaining our wellbeing.


What would you say to any young person thinking about their future?

There are two things that I often suggest to students and that is build your network as this has enormous power when developing a career, and to take time to reflect.  Reflection is key in our learning and ensuring we don’t stand still, so reflect on things that maybe haven’t gone to plan and consider what you might do next time, or what things have gone well and take a moment to congratulate yourself for a job well done.

There is a range of opportunities in Cumbria for business-people and organisations to engage and benefit from partnership with local schools and colleges.

Give an Hour invites individuals to volunteer one hour to share their career story and inspire the next generation; The Enterprise Adviser Network – which Kathryn is a part of – involves senior business volunteers giving approximately 8 hours a month to a specific school or college and to work strategically to strengthen and support career programmes; and becoming a Cornerstone Employer allows businesses to represent their sector and give a Cumbria-wide view. Together, they aim to ensure all young Cumbrians are prepared and inspired for the world of work.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the work of Cumbria Careers Hub, or would like more information, please email Craig Ivison, Head of Skills: 

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