The Cumbria LEP (CLEP) takes scrutiny very seriously and during 2018 fully reviewed its scrutiny arrangements to ensure that all of its activities and investments were open, transparent and subject to scrutiny.

In discharging scrutiny, CLEP has discharged its commitment to three separate audiences – government, local government and wider stakeholders including the public. Its approach to each of these audiences is outlined below.

National Government

CLEP has revised all of its governance and accountability arrangements to be fully compliant with the National Local Assurance Framework issued by government in January 2019. CLEP’s revised Local Assurance Framework was approved by its Board on 29 March 2019, and was made immediately available on the website. This built upon the significant development work completed during 2018/19.

The Local Assurance Framework is a constantly evolving document and will continue to be updated in line with government guidance, best practice and changes to policies, systems or procedures.

Local Government

CLEP has implemented revised scrutiny arrangements, and until the new arrangements were formally introduced CLEP attended the Accountable Body’s Scrutiny Management Board with co-opted members from the six District Authorities to undertake a review of CLEP’s governance, delivery and strategy.

This meeting took place on 12 March 2019view papers for this meeting here.

The new local-authority led LEP Scrutiny Board, which was agreed at the Accountable Body’s annual meeting on 11 April 2019, held its development day on 23 August 2019 with Lord Inglewood and Jo Lappin providing a briefing presentation for members. Following this briefing members developed the agenda for the first formal LEP Scrutiny Board meeting. This new Board has been established with 14 voting County Council members and 6 voting co-opted members from the District Councils. Its sole remit is CLEP Scrutiny and it will meet twice per year, with the Accountable Body servicing the Committee. The 2019/20 meetings have been scheduled for:


CLEP’s attendance at local authority scrutiny committees

View details of CLEP’s attendance during 2018/19.

Wider Stakeholders

The revised governance arrangements were designed to engage a significant number of businesses and public and voluntary and community sector organisations in developing and implementing CLEP’s strategies and work programmes, and in the process scrutinise these, thereby providing a comprehensive review.

Additionally, CLEP hosted a public open Annual General Meeting on 28 September 2018 to account for its activities and to outline its priorities for 2019. This provided all stakeholders with the opportunity to attend and question CLEP on its business. An Annual Report 2018 document was produced and circulated to accompany the Annual General Meeting.

CLEP’s 2019 Annual General Meeting is scheduled for 27 September.

Further details on CLEP’s commitment to, and engage with scrutiny arrangements are available from Jo Lappin, Chief Executive [email protected]

Minutes of Scrutiny Committee Meetings (2016-2017)

Prior to these new arrangements becoming operational, a Scrutiny Committee of 3 private sector and 3 public sector members operated.

Minutes of these meetings are available here.