Growth Deal Project Status and Funding Information

Details of the progress of Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership’s major projects, and grant payments made, can be found here;

Growth Deal Programme Summary November 2019

Cumbria Growth Deal Programme Outputs Summary

This shows a summary of the results, and anticipated results, of the Cumbria Growth Deal up to 2021. It includes figures on outputs such as jobs created, new homes built, private and public sector leverage, new business premises, roads constructed or improved, and new learning opportunities created.

Growth Deal Outputs Summary November 2019

Growth Deal Programme Dashboard

This is a visual representation of how Cumbria is performing in relation to its Growth Deal.

Cumbria LGF Dashboard 2019-20 Q2

Regional Growth Fund information

The information below gives details of the Regional Growth Fund grants that have been awarded to businesses by Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership.


Annual Reports

The LEP’s Annual Reports summarise its activities.¬†You can download our latest and previous Annual Reports below.

LEP Accounts

The information below gives details of Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership’s accounts.

LEP accounts 2012-2013 & 2013-2014

LEP 2014-2015 accounts

LEP 2015-2016 Accounts

LEP Board Report Accounts 2016-2017

LEP Accounts 2016-2017 Spreadsheet

LEP Board Report Accounts 2017-2018

LEP Board Report Accounts 2018-2019

Hospitality Register

In line with the Local Assurance Framework, the Cumbria LEP has committed to publishing its hospitality register. The current register covers the period up to and including the current date, updated on a monthly basis.