The Local Assurance Framework

The purpose of the Local Assurance Framework is to support the development and delivery of a rigorously appraised and prioritised investment programme for Cumbria, which aligns to Cumbria LEP’s strategic priorities and which positions Cumbria to take maximum advantage of any funding and other opportunities which may arise.

The framework ensures that Cumbria LEP has in place the necessary systems and processes to manage delegated funding from central Government budgets effectively and fully in line with government’s expectations as outlined in the National Assurance Framework. It has been fully updated to reflect government’s revised requirements for LEPs as outlined in the National Local Growth Assurance Framework (January 2019), which is attached here.

The revised Local Assurance Framework outlines the policies, processes and procedures that Cumbria LEP will follow in relation to decision making within its Growth Programme (comprising but not limited to the Local Growth Fund Programme, Growing Places Fund and European Structural Investment Fund), and in the way that it operates its business in a clear, transparent and accountable way. The Local Assurance Framework is underpinned by the following key documents:

The Local Assurance Framework is in three parts. Part One sets out the purpose, structure and operating principles of the LEP. Part Two sets out the project prioritisation process (including development of a project pipeline). Part Three sets out the programme management and investment decision process. The Framework also comprises a series of Appendices which set out the key supporting documentation.

Cumbria LEP aims to adhere to the highest standards of probity in the way that it discusses and makes decisions on how the funding devolved to it by Government is spent. This Local Assurance Framework is a core element of the process and has been written to set out how CLEP and its partners will identify and prioritise activity and projects to support delivery of their strategic growth priorities.

S4W Report on Cumbria LEP’s governance and organisation

S4W, who are management consultants specialising in economic growth, were commissioned by the LEP to review its governance and organisation, and to make recommendations for improvements.  Their report can be found in full here. The LEP board’s response to S4W’s recommendations can be accessed here.