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2018/19 CLEP Attendance at Local Authority Scrutiny Committees

Allerdale Borough Council

June 2018
Focus – skills landscape in Cumbria and impact
Outcome – invited CLEP to provide further input on skills work and overview of skills funding

November 2018
Focus – LEP Skills Work and overview of skills funding
Outcome – developed elected members understanding of Mainstream and ESF funding for skills and how this is distributed across Allerdale.

Cumbria County Council

Strategic Child Poverty Group
May 2018
Focus – delivery of skills to young people in poverty
Outcome – understanding of impact of skills delivery to disadvantaged areas and groups across the county and the challenges faced by the skills sector in doing this

July 2018
Focus – Careers Hub Model and proposed impact
Outcome – support for Careers Hub concept and development of a coherent approach to Careers Education

September 2018
Focus – Careers Strategy and overview of Apprenticeships
Outcomes – developed understanding of Careers Education challenges, Apprenticeship policy changes and impact on Cumbrian employers/young people

Review of Apprenticeships
May 2018
Focus – a joint piece of work with CCC’s Senior Manager for Learning and Skills on Apprenticeships across the County and the County Council’s Apprenticeship programme
Outcome – Developed an understanding of the contribution of Apprenticeships to the countywide skills agenda and the policy changes that have produced current levels of performance. An understanding of the County Council’s performance against key Apprenticeship metrics.

Carlisle City Council

February 2019
CLEP attended the Economic Growth Scrutiny Panel on 28 February
Focus – An overview of CLEP’s activities on the growth agenda, the progress made in developing the Local Industrial Strategy and CLEP’s performance against the Annual Performance themes of governance, strategy and delivery.
Outcome – Understanding of CLEP’s economic growth activities; the inclusive process used to develop the Local Industrial Strategy (LIS), key issues and priorities that the LIS would address, and next steps in its development; CLEP’s performance on governance, delivery and strategy.

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