Cumbria LEP has started work on the new Cumbria Local Industrial Strategy which will decide the county’s economic priorities through to 2030.

We want to work in partnership to develop the strategy which will highlight Cumbria’s strengths and make a compelling case to Government and the private sector for investment in the county.

So we are keen to hear from a wide range of organisations, including businesses, councils, colleges, universities, schools, the NHS, the police, the fire service, charities and groups that represent particular sectors, such as advanced manufacturing, tourism, nuclear and agriculture.

The Government has said that Local Industrial Strategies need to be based on its five foundations of productivity: innovative ideas, people and jobs, major infrastructure upgrades, business environment and places for more prosperous communities. Click here to find out more.

The Government also wants the strategies to address its four grand challenges: growing the artificial intelligence and data driven economy; shifting towards green growth; shaping the future of mobility and meeting the needs of an aging society.

We are currently gathering evidence about the Cumbrian economy, developing ideas about the potential strategy and preparing papers on each of the Government’s five foundations of productivity.

We are calling on local organisations to help shape the county’s future by taking part in important consultation events and giving their views on what should be included in the new strategy. The aim is to develop a really high-quality Local Industrial Strategy that showcases Cumbria’s strengths to Government and potential investors.

Consultation events on the Local Industrial Strategy have already taken place at the following times and venues:

  • Monday 9 July: Carlisle College (9am – 12 noon)
  • Tuesday 10 July: Lakes College new Nuclear College building (9am – 12 noon)
  • Wednesday 11 July: Furness College (9am – 12 noon)
  • Wednesday 11 July: Kendal College (1:30pm – 4:30pm)

The events provided an overview of Cumbria’s economy, strengths, opportunities and challenges and invited attendees to provide suggestions as to how these can best be addressed.  The events were very well attended by colleagues from the private, public and voluntary and community sectors. Notes about the feedback and ideas that came out of the events can be viewed here.

There will be further opportunities to get involved over the coming months, so keep an eye on this webpage and our news section. In the meantime, if you would like to give us your views on the Local Industrial Strategy, please contact us here.

The Local Industrial Strategy will replace Cumbria LEP’s Strategic Economic Plan, which currently sets out how the county’s economy can deliver jobs, business growth, improved skills, new infrastructure, housing and a range of other economic benefits. To view the Strategic Economic Plan, click here.